Friggie is an emperor penguin, from Antarctic he lives with his mother, father and little sister. Friggie is proud of being from the Antarctic because all the cold for refrigerators comes from the Antarctic to keep our refrigerators cold and our food fresh. Friggie and all the other penguins are very happy that kids love to display their special memories on their refrigerators. It's fun and makes everyone smile, it's the heart of the home, it makes all the penguins smile and dance with joy. So when Friggie got the news that people where buying stainless steel refrigerators and could not display their special memories because magnets wont stick to stainless steel. Friggie and all the other penguins where very sad. What would these kids do? Friggie and all the other penguins shouted "WE NEED TO HELP - WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING" but what? Stick pins? No! sticky tape? No! - it would damage their special memories, but what would work? Friggie and all the other penguins were very sad but Friggie would not give up, he contacted everyone, no one could help, then Friggie thought "I know" I will ask the oldest and wisest penguin in the Antarctic, the head emperor penguin, he will know. Friggie told the wise old penguin the sad news. The wise old penguin told Friggie he knew a man that could help but Friggie needed to go north to America and there he would find a special man with a magic adhesive. Friggie knew he had to do this, so he made the long trip to America. There he found the special man and told him the wise old emperor penguin sent him, the special man said "the emperor penguin is a friend I will help". The man gave Friggie the magic adhesive so that he could make a tape that would let everyone display their special memories to all refrigerators, even stainless steel refrigerators, without damage. It was repositionable, it did not damage or leave residue, and it could be used for so many other things, it could be used at school, churches, home, business, this was a wonderful thing, a magical tape.

All the penguins where happy, they danced in the snow and shouted "LETS NAME THE TAPE FRIGGIE TAPE" and that is the story of how Friggie Tape was created.